Samsung has today announced that an update to its digital subsidiary, Bixby, is underway with support for Indian English. According to the blog post, the Bixby 3.0 update is “aimed at controlling daily scenarios through the new and improved Indian English avatar.”

How would you benefit from using Indian English? Samsung says that Bixby can now understand “Indian names, places, relationships, ingredients, and recipes,” among many other things. Even users can call a voice assistant to call relatives or family members by saying, “Hi Bixby, call mother” (mother = mother) or “Hi Bixby, call brother” (brother = brother). To use this nifty new feature, you have to define relationships, along with the corresponding contacts in the Bixby app.

Update Samsung Bixby 3.0 Adds Indian English Support

We learned about Samsung’s plan to introduce Indian English support a few weeks ago. If you open the Bixby app on a supported device, you will see a banner at the top that says – “Indian English available now !!” You can tap on this banner to change the assistant’s language to English (India). This language option will be available by default when setting up new phones. You can see the screenshot for this new feature attached above.

In addition to Indian language support, Bixby can now help you record slow-mo videos, enable power-saving mode, turn wireless hotspots on / off, as well as remember your vehicle’s parking lot.

The Bixby 3.0 update is currently available on the flagship Galaxy S21 series and the recently launched Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72. Samsung says that the Galaxy Note 20 Series, S20 Series, and Galaxy Fold are next to receive new India-centric features. So go ahead and switch the language in the Bixby app. If you have one of these supported devices, then Regret it.


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