iOS 14.5 went live for everyone at the end of last month and was seen as one of the most significant iterative updates on iOS 14 so far.

The update brought many useful new features, including the ability to unlock iPhones with the Apple Watch, crowdsourcing for Apple Maps, air tag support, new emoji, app tracking, and more. Additionally, you have also received a fresh purple live wallpaper.

Shortly after that, the iOS 14.5.1 update came with a fix for an issue with app tracking transparency, where some users would no longer receive cues from apps after enabling it.

But amid all these spectacular additions, some new issues have also managed to slip away. We previously highlighted how the iOS 14.5.1 update stuck on the ‘Checking for Updates’ page for some users. And now, a group of users is reporting that the iOS 14.5.1 update makes many ad blockers useless. These include apps such as 1 Blocker and AdGuard.

Some iOS 14.5.1 users say Safari browser showing ads with paid content blockers

I’m experiencing all the ads on sites like yt where usually content blockers work. Requesting desktop version breaks videos. I’ve seen some posts in the adguard sub regarding this. I use 1Blocker but has up til this update it has worked. Anyone else experiencing this?

As other users have already commented, a good part of the ad removing capabilities of AdGuard Pro are gone since iOS 14.5. I haven’t heard from AdGuard acknowledging the issues nor if there is a fix coming soon for this. Can anyone with knowledge on the matter comment on this?

As it stands, the Safari browser is displaying ads on YouTube, and many other sites, even paid ad blockers. This problem is reportedly affecting macOS and iPadOS users as well. Most complaints seem to be limited to YouTube only, indicating that it is certainly not to blame iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.5.1. Instead, YouTube likely changed the way ads are displayed by finding a way to bypass ad blockers.

Some iOS 14.5.1 users say Safari browser showing ads with paid content blockers

However, an issue has been opened on the AdGuard GitHub page speculating compatibility issues between the latest versions of the app and iOS. However, it has not been assigned to any developer to date. If compatibility issues are to be genuinely blamed for this problem, then there is nothing more than to sit tight and wait for related adblockers to patch your stuff with additional support for iOS 14.5.1 Is for

Alternatively, you can also try Brave Browser for YouTube and lockdown privacy to block all types of ads.


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