ASUS ROG phone is the latest entry in the Gaming Flagship series of OEM 5 which is called the Republic of Republic. The device is run by Android 11-based ROG UI which packs some serious hardware.

While many gamers are already using ROG phone 5 and are like, but it is recently an inconvenience to some users. According to many reports, the stable charging feature on ASUS ROG phone 5 is not working for some users. The stable charging facility disables 60W sharp charging on the device.

The said feature phone charges 30W while the Ultra Stady option reduces the wattage up to 18W. The user reports that their ROG phones are also charging faster if the stable or Ultra Stay Charging feature is enabled.

However, a ZentalK community moderator has some highlights on this matter which tells more or less what is happening with affected users. It seems that the rapid bird (60W) and stable charging facilities have been painted by the same icon (double flash) at the status bar. The moderator has highlighted the development team to request a different icon for stable charging to dissolve confusion.

Slow charging feature not working on Asus Rog Phone 5

In addition, the moderator has disabled and disabled apps like Ampere, Accubattery, or 3C Battery Manager to compare charging results to comparing charging results to users of ROG Phone 5.

It should be noted that the device battery should be less than 20% while comparing fast and steady charging to achieve accurate results. However, there is a need to enable the ultra-stable charging facility in terms of charging the battery above 50% or above.

It further indicates that there can be no problem with the stable charging facility on the device in question. However, some users report on the Zentalk community thread otherwise suggest. Apart from this, it is unclear that this problem is related to software or hardware because the moderator has not accepted the problem.

Hopefully, the suggestion given by the OEM moderator keeps in mind so that the user should not be confused. He said, we will report with more information and when we get new information on this matter, keep looking.



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