Eventually, with the primary purpose of Dederon to Apple from the leadership of the SmartWatch Segment, Facebook is planning to develop a new smartwatch with dual cameras. According to sources involved in the social media giant project, planning to unveil the device the next summer. Facebook is also aiming to make the device-independent so that the user can use it without his smartphone.

The report comes from The Verge because recently it is negotiated with individuals working on the project. Therefore, according to the report, Facebook will be two cameras in the smartwatch and will be able to separate the display module from the band so that people can be captured on images and videos.

Facebook smartwatch with dual cameras

The front cameras will be used primarily for video calls. The primary camera module with auto-focus will be behind and will allow users to capture high-resizing pictures and videos without their smartphone.

In addition, according to the report, Facebook is encouraging third-party manufacturers to develop accessories for the device so that the user can attach it to their clothes or backpacks.

The social Media giant is working with some top wireless carriers in America to enable LTE support for our incoming smartwatch. In this way, the user will be able to use the Facebook smartwatch without linking to their smartphone.

Facebook Plan to Launch Dual Cameras Smartwatch in Summer 2022

Now, as I have told above, with the launch of the upcoming smartwatch, the purpose of Facebook is to lock the horn with an apple in the case of smartwatch sales. Initially, however, the company is expected to sell volumes in less than six figures, which is like a small part compared to Apple’s market share in segments.

Still, moving forward, Facebook says that future versions of their smartwatch will play an important role in their AR / VR ecosystem. According to the company, the user will be able to use the smartwatch as the primary input device for the increased reality headset.


According to The Verge, Facebook will sometimes launch the device during the summer of 2022 and it will come in three color options – black, gold and white. It is in line with the previous reports, which states that Facebook is aiming to launch a smartwatch the next summer.

Although the first reports claimed that it will be a fitness-centric clock, I do not think they will be able to fit a lot of sensors with a dual-camera setup on such a compact device as a smartwatch. However, we will learn more about the device because we are close to your potential launch next year. Therefore, remain for more updates on this story.



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